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Frequency Asked Questions

So you want to know a bit more about Vvolt emobility products? You've come to the right place! Find answers to frequently asked questions, delve deep into the minutia, or just hang out and marvel at the wonders of technology.

Where can I test ride a Vvolt ebike?

We currently offer test rides at our Portland, Oregon headquarters located at:. 2101 SE 6th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214. You can book a test ride by clicking the link right here!. Update 7/24:. We are building out a dealer network and will continue to

What's the difference between hub motor and mid motor bikes?

Hub motors and mid-drive motors are two primary types of electric motors used in ebikes, each with its own set of unique characteristics for your consideration. Hub Motors:. Location: Hub motors are placed within the hub of the bike's wheel. Vvolt hu

What's the difference between torque sensing and cadence sensing bikes?

Cadence and torque sensing are two primary types of pedal-assist systems used in e-bikes, each operating differently to provide assistance based on the rider's pedaling input:. Cadence Sensor:. Torque Sensor:. Cadence sensors offer simpler operation

Some of your ebikes only have one gear!? What's that all about?

Simplicity!. A single-geared ebike, also known as a single-speed ebike, has a drivetrain that features only one gear ratio. Vvolt single-speed ebikes use the awesome and long lasting Gates Carbon Drive belts to transfer power from rider to the bike.

What types of roads and trails can I ride on your ebikes?

Vvolt follows the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) surface condition designation for our ebikes. The conditions (0-5) refer to different riding situations:. -   Condition 0 — Adult supervision required, no traffic;-   Condition 1 — S

What happens if something goes wrong with my Vvolt?

We’ll have your back! Seriously. We want you to have fun rollin' around on Vvolt e-mobility products and are absolutely dedicated to doing whatever we can to ensure your machine is back up and running as quickly as possible. Firstly, we offer an indu

Do your bikes have weight limit?

Our Vvolt framesets have weight limit of 440lbs but we recommend that riders over 300lbs consult with us regarding recommended modifications to ensure durability of wheels and other components. Modifications may include: higher performance brake pads

Can I ride my ebike in the rain?

You betcha!!! We proudly design and test all of our products through the wonderfully consistent drizzle of the Pacific Northwest! Viavolt ebikes use the international standard of IPX ratings for water resistance. Every critical electronic connection

How should I maintain my bike when using it near the beach?

Bikes on the beach, heyo! Depending on the condition of the sand, riding on the beach can be super fun! Our belt-drive ebikes do great on firm packed sand, but we don't make a bike with wide enough tires to float on very dry sand. After riding on the

Are your rims tubeless compatible?

The factory rims that come with our ebikes are not tubeless ready. However, for mid-drive ebikes equipped with the Enviolo Trekking hub, we offer the HiFi E-Hoot Enviolo Rear Wheel for Stellar Series and the HiFi E-Hoot Front Wheel, which are tubeles

Restocking Updates

You may have noticed that many of our first generation bikes are listed as sold out without a restock update. We do not intend to restock the first generation variants or configurations of the Alpha/S, Proxima, Centauri/S, or Sirius. We have learned