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Pre-Purchase Questions

So you want to know a bit more about Vvolt emobility products? You've come to the right place! Find answers to frequently asked questions, delve deep into the minutia, or just hang out and marvel at the wonders of technology.

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New Bike Day!

You just got your brand new Vvolt bike! Hooray!! Nothing like new bike day, ya know? We understand you've probably got some questions about how to get started, so check out these helpful articles and then go ride your bike!

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Maintenance, How-Tos and Troubleshooting

Here you'll find some helpful links to understand the components on your ebike. If you're the DIY type, you'll also find some fantastic resources for working on your ride. A little shy to turn the wrench? No worries! We're here to help.

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Warranty and Return Policy

We've instituted an industry-leading 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Do you need to submit a claim? See below for helpful information about claim submittal.

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