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What's the difference between hub motor and mid motor bikes?Updated 15 days ago

Hub motors and mid-drive motors are two primary types of electric motors used in ebikes, each with its own set of unique characteristics for your consideration. 

Hub Motors:

Location: Hub motors are placed within the hub of the bike's wheel. Vvolt hub motor bikes are rear-wheel powered and provide assistance to a gear ration. 


  • Simplicity: Hub motors are relatively simple in design and installation, making them easier to maintain and replace if necessary. 
  • Direct Power: They provide direct power to the wheel, making them suitable for flatter terrain. You can still climb some hills, no worries there! 
  • Cost-effective: Typically more affordable compared to mid-drive motors.
  • Weight Distribution: Hub motor bikes bias weight onto whichever wheel contains the motor. 

Mid-Drive Motors:

Location: Mid-drive motors are positioned near the bike's bottom bracket, between the pedals, connecting directly to the bike's drivetrain. Vvolt only uses internally geared hubs for our mid-drive ebikes. 


  • Better Torque: Mid-drive motors leverage the bike's gears, providing better torque and efficiency, especially on uphill terrains.
  • Improved Handling: Since the weight is centered and lower, they offer better handling and balance, especially in challenging terrains.
  • Battery Efficiency: They tend to be more efficient in terms of battery usage due to utilizing the bike's gears effectively.

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