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Your First Ride

What to expect on your first ride with your new Vvolt

Bedding disc brakes

So, you've got yourself a sweet bike with hydraulic disc brakes, and you're wondering, "How do I bed these babies in for optimal performance?" Fear not! I've got your back with this simple guide. First things first – what's bedding in? It's like intr

Understanding Pedal Assist (PAS) Levels

Eco (1). Provides a gentle boost to your pedaling, helping you conserve energy and extend the range of your bike. This is a great choice for leisurely rides or for riders looking to max their mileage per charge. Tour (2). This level of assistance is

All about tire pressure

For years, there's been a myth that higher tire pressure equals better performance. But guess what? That's not always the case, especially if you're seeking comfort on your ebike journey. Skinny tires at high pressure might feel fast, but you are lik

Enviolo-equipped ebikes: information and best practices

We equip our mid-motor bikes with the Enviolo Trekking hub. Find out about how these ingenious hubs work by watching the following technical introduction:. The benefits of the Enviolo hub are numerous and perfectly paired for our ebikes:. 1. Smooth s

Sirius V.1 Suspension Fork Information

The suspension fork on the Sirius is a bit of a rare bird. The 100mm travel fork has a 15x100 axle and a straight 1-1/8th steerer tube. Most modern suspension forks are built around a 15x110 axle and tapered 1.5" steerer tube. You will be hard presse