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Understanding Pedal Assist (PAS) LevelsUpdated 4 months ago

New to electric bike riding? Looking to get the most out of your Viavolt Stellar Series model? You're in the right place. Our handlebar controller is easy to use and offers 5 levels of assist to help you go further or get there faster. Below you'll find a quick overview of what to expect in these settings and where+when you might find them useful.
If you want to know more about your computer functions you can download the guide here
  • 0=No assist / speed and distance functions still work
  • 1=Eco / low power
  • 2= Tour/average riding
  • 3= sport / faster riding and small hills
  • 4= turbo / moderate hills or quick starts in traffic
  • 5= hill boost / big hills and more extended periods of climbing

Eco (1)

Provides a gentle boost to your pedaling, helping you conserve energy and extend the range of your bike. This is a great choice for leisurely rides or for riders looking to max their mileage per charge.

Tour (2) 

This level of assistance is perfect for longer rides and smaller hills. It offers a moderate boost to your pedaling, helping you maintain a steady pace without getting too exhausted. This is a great option for riders who want to cover more distance without breaking a sweat.

Sport (3)

This level of assistance is for riders who want a little extra power to help them tackle those challenging hills and headwinds. It provides a strong boost to your pedaling, giving you the extra push you need to keep up with faster riders or conquer steep inclines.

Turbo (4)

If you’re in a hurry, Turbo is the mode for you. This mode will keep you at or near your max assist speed while delivering smooth power. The only downside is that you’ll drain your battery more quickly, so it’s best used for commuting and city riding.

Hill Boost (5)

The steepest terrain demands max power. Hill Boost taps the full potential of your motor to give you the absolute max power and torque. Keep your cadence (pedal RPMs) up for smooth delivery of power, and notch back down to level 3 or 4 to conserve battery when you clean your climb!

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