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Enviolo-equipped ebikes: information and best practicesUpdated 5 months ago

We equip our mid-motor bikes with the Enviolo Trekking hub. Find out about how these ingenious hubs work by watching the following technical introduction:

The benefits of the Enviolo hub are numerous and perfectly paired for our ebikes:

1. Smooth shifting:

No more clunky or missed shifts! With a continuous shifting experience, you simply twist the grip shifter to experience a smooth transition between gear ratios. The Enviolo Trekking hub has a 380% gear range which we pair with a 50t belt ring and 22t rear cog. Hill climbing? Check. Efficient cruising on flats? Also check! 

2. Shifting from a standstill:

You can shift through 50% of the gear range while stopped. This can be particularly helpful if you forgot to downshift while coming to a stop. To access the entire range, the hub must be spinning!

3. No maintenance and long service life:

These hubs are fully sealed and ready for the elements. Due to the precision manufacturing, the hubs have a lifespan of many many thousands of miles before they begin to lose some of their effective range. 

Important information

Once you reach the terminus of the gear range in either direction while twisting the shifter, do not keep twisting! Some folks think there's a bit more gear range to be found and will pull hard enough to rip the cable through the cable stops at the hub! Once you feel the shifter stop, you've hit the terminus. 

- These hubs and shifters can take a few hundred miles to break in! Don't worry if the shifting is relatively stiff when you first begin riding -- it should become easier and easier as time goes on and you accrue those miles! 

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