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Bedding disc brakesUpdated 6 months ago

So, you've got yourself a sweet bike with hydraulic disc brakes, and you're wondering, "How do I bed these babies in for optimal performance?" Fear not! I've got your back with this simple guide.

What's Bedding In?

First things first – what's bedding in? It's like introducing your brake pads to your brake rotor in a friendly way, ensuring they work together seamlessly. This process optimizes braking power and minimizes noise.

The Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Find an Open Space: Head to a flat, open area where you can safely ride around without any traffic. We're going to do a bit of controlled stopping.

  2. Get Up to Speed: Pick up the pace a bit and get up to a moderate speed. Nothing too crazy, just enough to feel the wind in your hair.

  3. Brake Firmly: Now, it's time to brake firmly. Apply consistent and firm pressure on the brake lever to engage the brake pads with the rotor. Do this without coming to a complete stop.

  4. Repeat the Process: Ride around, pick up speed, and repeat the firm braking process about 10-20 times. This helps transfer a bit of brake pad material onto the rotor for that perfect bond.

  5. Cool Down: Take it easy for a bit. Let the brakes cool down before any heavy braking. This step is crucial for setting the brake pad material.

The Finish Line

Congratulations! You've successfully bedded in your disc brakes. Your bike should now stop on a dime, and you'll feel like a braking pro. Remember, practice makes perfect, so go out there and enjoy your newly bedded-in brakes!

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