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Sirius V.1 Suspension Fork InformationUpdated 2 months ago

The suspension fork on the Sirius is a bit of a rare bird

The 100mm travel fork has a 15x100 axle and a straight 1-1/8th steerer tube. Most modern suspension forks are built around a 15x110 axle and tapered 1.5" steerer tube. You will be hard pressed to find an 'upgrade'.

That being said, the suspension fork on the V.1 Sirius is still a useful tool for smoothing out the bumps.

To adjust air pressure, you'll need a specialized shock pump. Head on down to your LBS (local bike shop) and pick one up. The reason you need a shock pump instead of a normal air pump is because the air spring is both small and very high pressure. We set the fork to ~120psi in the workshop. This works well for a 170lb rider. You may need to add or remove air pressure based on your weight. 

The lockout mechanism atop the right fork leg controls the amount of suspension travel. Dial it all the way clockwise (+) for a full rigid fork, fully anti clockwise (-) for full travel, or right in the middle for the goldilocks travel option. 

Friendly reminder! The Sirius is rated to ASTM Condition 2 -- no drops greater than 12"! Pop curbs, but don't hit that huge tabletop in your local bike park.

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