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Shipping Information

Want to know about how we ship bikes? Excellent -- read on!

Low Packaging Commitment

At Vvolt, we are not just passionate about creating top-notch e-mobility products, we are equally committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. One significant step we've taken is revolutionizing our packaging to be as eco-friendly as our ride

How much is shipping?

All Vvolt ebikes include complimentary shipping to the continental United States!. Residents of Hawaii and Alaska, contact us for a shipping rate estimate: [email protected]

What carrier do you use to ship bikes?

UPS ships our ebikes. FedEx ships our batteries. UPS or USPS ships are small parts depending on rates. We strive to balance shipping costs with quality of service. In our view, UPS has damaged the least amount of ebikes, so we're sticking with them!

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time, though we do plan on opening up international shipping as time and resources allow. Canadian customers: send us an email to inquire about shipping options at [email protected]