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Battery Information

Discover information about the batteries which power Vvolt Electric Mobility Devices


Battery Information

Battery safety is top of mind at Vvolt -- learn more about the packs that power our machines here.

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UL 2271 Certification

All Vvolt batteries produced after 2/2024 meet the stringent UL 2271 standard for battery safety. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a globally recognized safety certification company. UL certifications indicate that a product has been tested and meet

General Battery Information Hub

Want to know about ebike batteries? This page will help you learn about battery range, recharging costs and give you a few good tips to get the most mileage, best life and cheapest charging. Battery Safety -. We’re here to create reliable, transporta

Battery Safety Standards

Generation 1 Ebikes produced between 2020-2023:. Generation 2 Ebikes produced after 2/2024:

Third Party Batteries: Don't!

We want to draw your attention to an important aspect of maintaining the safety and longevity of your Viavolt ebike – the use of genuine Vvolt batteries. Our ebikes are designed with precision and care, featuring specialized components to ensure a sm

First Generation Ebike Battery Guide

Want to learn a bit more about the specific batteries in your first generation Stellar Series bike?. Learn all about the CelXpert batteries in your Alpha, Alpha S, Centauri, Centauri S, Proxima, and Sirius by following this link. You'll learn about f