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What types of roads and trails can I ride on your ebikes?Updated 15 days ago

Vvolt follows the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) surface condition designation for our ebikes. 

The conditions (0-5) refer to different riding situations:

-   Condition 0 — Adult supervision required, no traffic;
-   Condition 1 — Suitable for road riding (only);
-   Condition 2 — For off-road riding and jumps less than 12 in. (30 cm.);
-   Condition 3 — For rough off-road riding and jumps less than 24 in. (61 cm.); and
-   Condition 4 — For extreme off-road riding.

All Vvolt ebikes are rated to ASTM Condition 2 riding. Curb popping', bunny hopping', and skiddies are all safe and encouraged (so long as you're not pushing yourself!) 

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