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Some of your ebikes only have one gear!? What's that all about?Updated 15 days ago


A single-geared ebike, also known as a single-speed ebike, has a drivetrain that features only one gear ratio. Vvolt single-speed ebikes use the awesome and long lasting Gates Carbon Drive belts to transfer power from rider to the bike. Our single gear bikes use varying gear ratios depending on their intended purpose. Generally speaking, we use a 50t front ring and a 22t rear cog. 

  1. Qualities:
  1. Simplicity: Single-speed ebikes are straightforward in design with fewer components, making them simple to maintain and less prone to mechanical issues. There's just one gear! No shifting here. 
  2. Lightweight: Due to their simplified drivetrain, single-speed ebikes tend to be lighter compared to multi-speed counterparts, enhancing maneuverability and ease of handling.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: These bikes are often more affordable than multi-speed ebikes due to their simpler construction and fewer components.
  4. Low Maintenance: With fewer parts like derailleurs and gears, there's less need for maintenance, adjustment, or replacement of components, reducing overall upkeep costs.


  1. Single-speed ebikes are best suited for flatter terrain or consistent riding conditions and may struggle on very steep hills (think San Francisco or Pittsburg steep). Climbing steep hills can be more challenging as there's only one gear ratio available, requiring more physical effort from the rider or relying heavily on the motor for assistance. However, the Ananda-powered motor used in Vvolt ebikes delivers a peak of 550w, so you can still get up many grades.

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