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Can I ride my ebike in the rain?Updated 15 days ago

You betcha!!! We proudly design and test all of our products through the wonderfully consistent drizzle of the Pacific Northwest! Viavolt ebikes use the international standard of IPX ratings for water resistance.

Every critical electronic connection is rated to IPX6. Check out the table below to better understand the rating system: 

IPX RatingProtection Offered
IPX0No protection
IPX1Only from water drops for 10 minutes
IPX2Survive water drops tilted at a 15° angle
IPX3Water sprays up to 60°
IPX4Water splashes in any direction (sweat-resistant or splash-proof).
IPX5Slight water jets by a 6.3mm nozzle
IPX6Powerful water jets at any angle by 12.5 mm nozzle
IPX7Water immersion up to 3 feet for 30 minutes (waterproof)
IPX8Immersed in water above 3 feet (highly protected)
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