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Can I modify parts of the bike?Updated 5 months ago

We get it – finding the perfect fit on your ebike can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. While we tried to specify a component selection to best suit the widest range of riders, sometimes you just gotta change out some parts to be more comfortable on your bike! You'll probably ride the ebike more if you feel great while pedaling, right? 

Let's discuss swapping out components. Whether it's adjusting your stem and handlebars for a more ergonomic riding position or finding the perfect saddle to cushion your ride, making a few tweaks can truly transform your biking experience. And the best part? Our ebikes come equipped with industry-standard sizes for key components like stem and handlebars, saddle, pedals, and grips, making customization a breeze.

However, it's important to note that while certain mechanical components can be modified, our electrical components and drivetrain are designed to work seamlessly together and should not be altered. All the bits and bobs have been designed to work seamlessly, so tampering with them is not a good idea. Just don't do it, okay?! 

Okay, back to business. The stem and handlebars dictate your riding posture and comfort level, so finding the right fit is crucial. The bike industry is going through a sort of renaissance of handlebar shape, so there are many options to explore! Whether you prefer a relaxed, upright position or a more aggressive stance, we're down to help you find your fit. 

Next up, let's talk about pedals and grips. These may seem like small details, but they can make a big difference in your overall comfort and control. You can easily swap out your pedals for ones that provide better traction and support, and customize your grips to find the perfect balance of comfort and grip.

Lastly, it's essential to ensure that any components you install are done correctly and inspected by a professional mechanic. This ensures not only your safety but also the longevity of your ebike. So go ahead, make those tweaks, and hit the road (or trail) with confidence. Happy riding!

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